Refund Policy
Please read carefully

We don't offer a refund policy unless Business Consort is unable to fulfill a customers order.

Any face to face courses are strictly not transferable. 

If you book an online course we will try and accommodate transfers onto other courses if we have 72 hours notice (however this can only be done once - further cancellations will not be transferable). 

If for any reason you are unable to attend a face to face course we will do our best to transfer you onto the next suitable online version of the course booked and again can only be transferred once.

We must have 72 hours notice to transfer a  face to face to an online version of the course and circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis.  

Any change of booking must be made by telephone 0800 334 5784 72 hours in advance to ensure we receive the request - email notification will not be accepted.

If for any reason 72 hours notice is not given we will review the circumstances and again try and be as accommodating as we can but give no guarantee of being able to reschedule you onto an online course and would not look to provide any form of refund.

Please try and ensure you can make the date you booked or if you can't make it we are happy to change the delegate attending.